Is this not the first principle of any art work?

A principle that naturally drives the prodigious. A new generation of women and Men, that celebrates their individuality and uniqueness by not conforming to what is dictated as beautiful.

It is a journey towards the deconstruction, construction and reconstruction of beauty, a reconsideration of normality in abnormal world and finally, a genuine invitation to embrace YOUR individuality, accept YOUR uniqueness, and open YOUR arms to the beautiful, extraordinary, amazing, interesting and unique individual.


This Spring/Summer Ladraa collection 2020, celebrates the physicality of the body. A collection dedicated to the energetic movement and dynamic of the body, a strength in motion. The contours of the body are boldly delineated. Embroideries connecting fabric pieces, celebrating the body, by having an acquit sensitivity to the shapes, and fill in their needs.

Asymmetry and geometric cut-outs around the body transforms the display of skin into a pattern, an exercise in sensuality rather than simple display of sexuality. A journey through Northern Africa results in fresh approaches to craft, color, and textiles and to the abstract idea of artisanal. To evoke a sense of shift with artisanship, handcraft, sensuality – all present, but re-engineered for today, to create a new mix with a focus on daywear.

ladraa-caftan-morocco-fashion-design-dress-kimono-beachwear-fashioweek-jellaba-spring summer
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