Mouad Ladraa is the founder of LADRAA, an original concept that combines fashion, art, tradition. With style and elegance. Self taught artist, he has a passion for fashion since he was a kid, which has inspired him to pursue a bachelor degree at the school of design and visual arts of casablanca, with a specialization in interior design. At the same time, Mouad Ladra Founded his Brand at only 21 of age. His brand was created in casablanca in 2015, and count as of today a team of 5 people. LADRAa is an ecological and revolutionary clothing design brand. A brand that was created in morocco and developed by Moroccans, but intended, which was born, raised and developed in morocco, but intended for a moroccan and international audience. Generally, LADRAA is a journey towards deconstruction, construction and reconstruction of beauty, anr a reconsideration of normality in an abnormal world.

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